Internal order

Internal regulations
  • The guests are accommodated in the hotel by presenting personal documents proving their identity.
  • Upon arrival, the guest is given an access card to the room, which also serves as an identification card for the duration of his stay.
  • Check-in after 15:00.
  • Check-out until 11:00.
  • Late check-out or early check-in are available for a fee and depending on the hotelier’s availability. A surcharge is imposed in the event of an unannounced late check-out (after 11:00).
  • In case of extending the stay, the hotelier reserves the right to offer guests rooms other than those originally requested.
  • Pets are not allowed in the complex.
  • Daily housekeeping is done every day from 08:30 to 14:30. Please notify the reception whether you would or would not like housekeeping or use the door sign provided.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the hotel rooms, as well as all indoor and common areas! Smoking is permitted on the terraces and the designated areas.
  • The hotel’s guests are responsible for any damage they cause to the hotel’s furniture and inventory, as well as any of its parts that are missing.
  • Taking away hotel property is not allowed
  • We request that hotel guests maintain silence and respect the right of other guests to rest during the afternoon and night sleep hours, which are 14:00 to 16:00 and 23:00 to 08:00 in the morning, respectively.
  • You can welcome friends and guests in the lobby and hotel restaurant, as well as after registering at reception with an identity document.
  • Open parking in the complex with a limited number of spaces is available to guests for a fee, as well as outdoor parking spaces located within 500 meters from Briz.
  • We request that all guests of the complex follow the generally accepted hygiene and order standards.
  • The import of any hazardous flammable, explosive, toxic, radioactive, or other similar substances or objects is strictly prohibited on the complex’s premises.
  • In case of violation of the internal order, you will be asked to reduce your stay and/or pay for the damages!
  • Each room has safes for storing valuables, which are at your disposal in the wardrobe in the room and are free of charge. Please request a key for the safe at reception. The hotelier is not responsible for lost or stolen items not placed in the safe, on the territory of the complex, as well as for damages caused by third parties.
  • The electricity in the premises is activated by the hotel card, placed in the energy saving device. The electricity is 220V.
  • The complex offers free access to WI-FI network. Please request the password at the reception. The hotelier cannot guarantee the highest speed and quality of service, especially during the active summer season with a high workload.
  • You can request a wake-up call at Reception if you wish.
  • Phonebook-

For connection with the reception – 9

To contact another room, please select the room number.

The outside line is limited – we will assist you at the reception if necessary.


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